2016 Summer Professional Development Institutes:
Southeast Region

Hybrid Institute for Grades 3-8 Educators
To the Moon and Back: Engaging Your Students in Earth and Space Science Through Inquiry

This institute blasted off into inquiry-based learning with a journey from Earth to space in this hybrid course! Participants engaged with online content, in group discussions, and in hands on, minds-on inquiry activities, and explored ways to use technology, engineering and math to excite and educate students about earth science concepts. The group examined how tides are controlled by the moon and sun, created earth/moon models, and explained how tidal and weather events are important to local ports and harbors. They dug deep into soil science, collected samples, and uncovered different properties and patterns of soil formation through data analysis. What are ways to plate tectonics alive in a classroom? Participants investigated and explained the geographical features we see on Earth — above and below the ocean’s surface. A telescopic view was taken to investigate the stars and beyond. This institute brought astronomy into a context that is more accessible for students. Third-eighth grade educators learned how technology and engineering have advanced our understanding of earth and space systems. Throughout the institute, participants practiced a variety of tools, methods and technologies, and tapped into their background knowledge to construct inquiry-based activities to explore the realms of Earth and space with their students.

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