Did you know that a single educator can inspire many students each year – and thousands over the course of a career? We reach 1,500 educators each year through our high quality professional development programs and services.

We connect K-12 teachers and informal educators with each other and with STEM professionals, providing collaboration opportunities with the goal of bringing more inquiry-based science programs to students. How?

  • We provide content-focused, inquiry-based professional development programs and customized services tailored to the needs of classroom and informal educators.
  • We present at regional, state and national events about the benefits of an inquiry-based approach to STEM education and educator professional learning.
  • We collaborate with professional organizations, higher education and others to expand the reach of statewide and nationwide STEM education initiatives.
  • We leverage the expertise and achievements of our board of directors to inform our educational offerings as well as to advise on collaborations and initiatives.

Teachers reach a new classroom of students each year, and our partners’ audiences extend from students to their communities. We develop strategic partnerships and use a collaborative approach to reach students through educator professional learning. Since our efforts reach 1,500 educators annually, and one effective educator can significantly impact students’ interest in science, working with classroom teachers and informal educators amplifies the number of students that our programs affect.

Are you interested in supporting our mission through charitable giving or corporate partnership? Visit our Support page to learn more about what you can do to help strengthen inquiry-based science education in Massachusetts.