MITS is pleased to share this Cape Cod Times article about MITS Cape Cod Region Summer Professional Development Institute.

Innovative programs get teachers and students
in touch with nature

By Sean F. Driscoll, Cape Cod Times
August 30, 2016

Teachers use maps to study Cape Cod’s unique geography during MITS Cape Cod Region Summer Professional Development Institute.

Be it the biology of its salt marshes, the geology of its coastline, the natural beauty of its landscapes or the oceanography of its marine life, Cape Cod has long inspired teachers on both sides of the canal to use its natural features as an extension of classroom activities in nearly all subjects and grade levels.

“It’s the best place to be,” says Cathy Schofield, a sixth-grade teacher at East Sandwich Elementary School.

And not only do local teachers often take their students on field trips to area learning institutions, off-Cape educators also look to the peninsula for inspiration in their lesson planning as well.

Such was the case in July, when teachers from the Cape and southeastern Massachusetts spent a week learning about the Cape’s geological and topographical features in a workshop hosted by the Museum Institute for Teaching Science, or MITS. The institute hosts week-long professional development workshops across the state each summer to help teachers learn how to incorporate real-world science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts in their classroom lessons.

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