What are Professional Development Seminars?

Are you seeking ways to enhance the science, technology and engineering content of your educational programs and exhibits? Could your offerings include more inquiry-based activities?

Our Professional Development Seminars are designed to meet the needs of informal educators, like you. Discover ways to strengthen your STEM content knowledge and leave with the skills and tools to develop compelling, hands-on, minds-on science lessons.

At our seminars, your staff and volunteers will connect with content expertise and like-minded educators. Our full-day seminars will get you thinking of unique ways to engage learners of all ages in your exhibits and programs. Explore authentic research during morning sessions, and strengthen your skills by turning the content into engaging hands-on, minds-on activities in the afternoon. Join us for an engaging seminar series, and expand your toolkit of inquiry-based activities to enhance science education at your institution!

What you’ll leave with:

  • Science, technology and engineering content knowledge to bolster your existing skills
  • Hands-on, minds-on activities to enrich your institution’s exhibits and school or public programs
  • Connections to school-based information and topics that teachers want to learn about

Watch for more information on future series!