Summer Professional Development Institutes for School Administrators

Summer Professional Development Institutes for School Administrators2019-02-15T10:21:24+00:00

What are Summer Professional Development Institutes?
We offer unique professional development courses each summer that connect K-12 classroom teachers with hands-on, minds-on, inquiry-based activities that increase their STEM content knowledge. We create collaborations between your educators and our partners: museums, nature centers, wildlife sanctuaries, research facilities, businesses, technology centers, and higher education institutions. In doing so, we equip your teachers with the skills they need to deliver inquiry-based science education in an effective and understandable way.

Your teachers will:

Learn directly from scientists and seasoned education professionals to increase their knowledge n a diversity of STEM topics.

Visit each partner organization’s site, and participate in content and skill-based development sessions that will help them integrate inquiry-based methods into their classroom curriculum.

Gain the student perspective as they investigate, engage and collaborate with peers while participating in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Develop their science, technology, and engineering content knowledge, improve their instructional skills and design lessons aimed at strengthening their students’ science literacy.

Discover resources and field trip opportunities provided by our partners.

Encouraging your teachers to attend a Summer Professional Development Institute will benefit both them and your school. We engage teachers using the Science and Engineering Practices and link activities to the 2016 MA Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework so that the STEM content aligns with your educational goals.

We encourage teachers to attend as a team. This promotes collaboration among colleagues who are familiar with the unique challenges that their own school or district faces. While learning together, your teachers will develop their skills, improve their content knowledge, and connect to local resources that offer the expertise to provide effective STEM education for students.

All our Summer Professional Development Institutes are low-cost. Teachers can choose between earning Professional Development Points (PDPs), or earning PDPs and optional, affordable graduate credit for an additional cost.