Thursday, October 26, 2023
For Immediate Release

The Wade Institute Welcomes Assistant Education Director Mary Finkel

Quincy, MA – The Wade Institute for Science Education welcomes Mary Finkel as Assistant Education Director! “I am excited to live and work in Massachusetts because it strongly supports education and science education,” she says. “I’ve always liked science because there is always more to learn. It’s never a finished product. There is always more to learn and adapt. We’re never going to know everything. Science is constantly evolving and growing.”

Photo courtesy of Mary Finkel 

Mary holds a Masters degree in Elementary School Education from West Virginia University and taught in a middle school classroom. Her experience includes creating lessons and units, designing curriculum, and developing classroom management. She is excited to transition into a role that supports fellow educators by providing them with professional learning experiences that they can bring into their classrooms.

Mary says that her dedication to helping teachers keeps her motivated. “I want to help teachers to feel seen, heard, and appreciated!” Mary looks forward to designing and facilitating professional development and professional learning opportunities that are responsive to the current needs of educators who will then share their new knowledge, skills, and resources with their students. “Teachers are my favorite people,” she says. “Having the opportunity to connect with educators, applaud them for what they do, and hopefully help to make their jobs just a little easier, is a dream come true.”

Mary posts in a middle school classroom, where she taught.
Photo courtesy of Mary Finkel 


The Wade Institute for Science Education specializes in providing inquiry-based, hands-on, minds-on, science, technology and engineering professional development for K-12 teachers and informal educators.  For more information, visit or call 617-328-1515.

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