We couldn’t do this without our supporters! Your support of STEM education allows us to continue offering ways that science educators can enrich their skills – through a Professional Development Seminar, a Summer Professional Development Institute, a Focus Workshop, Customized Professional Learning Services, or our searchable database of STEM providers, Science By Connections. By helping us to provide teachers with the tools they need to inspire their students, our supporters are strengthening the quality of science education in Massachusetts.

Below are some of the ways that you can invest in education and become a Wade Institute supporter as well.

You can help the Wade Institute get more kids excited about science, technology and engineering by supporting our programs for classroom teachers and informal educators. Your gift will help us provide effective professional development for teachers so that they can inspire their students to explore STEM subjects, engage in hands-on inquiry, experience the excitement of discovery and start on a pathway to a career in science or technology. Read More…

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