School Administrators

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School Administrators:

The Wade Institute works with K-12 educators in a variety of ways:

  • We design immersive, inquiry-based Customized Professional Learning Services for schools and school districts.
  • We offer Focus Workshops rich in STEM content.
  • We collaborate to provide regional Summer Professional Development Institutes that engage teachers in inquiry-based learning.

Our high quality professional development enhances educators’ science, technology and engineering content knowledge, increases their comfort teaching science using inquiry, and connects them to local STEM resources.

The following offerings will provide educators with opportunities to experience inquiry-based learning firsthand and develop their science, technology and engineering content knowledge.

Support your educators by arranging for them to engage in inquiry-based learning through hands-on, minds-on professional development at your school. Our Education Specialists will design sessions based on your school’s or school district’s identified professional learning needs. Your teachers will delve deeper into the 2016 MA Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks, explore what the Science and Engineering Practices look like in the classroom and participate in standards-based inquiry-based investigations. Read More…

Send your teachers to a week-long institute, where they will improve their mastery of teaching science using inquiry-based methods while visiting partner institutions like wildlife sanctuaries, laboratories, marine science centers and more. Teachers will connect with informal educators and discover resources they can access during the school year. They’ll learn from colleagues from across the state and further afield as they take on the role of a student, and then bring back their investigations and new resources to your school. Read More…

April 2018 Energy Workshop

Could your teachers use more in-depth knowledge about certain topics? Our Focus Workshops are 1-2 day sessions that cover a wide variety of science, technology and engineering content, like sustainable energy or underwater robotics. These workshops are offered throughout the year at various sites or can be customized for your school/school district. Find out what we’re focusing on this year by clicking the link below. Read More…

Connect with STEM resources across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by browsing our searchable database of STEM providers. Educators can search for by grade level, subject, program type, region and MA Standards addressed for field trips, field studies, in-school, and online programs for classrooms, as well as professional development opportunities. Read More…